Ulriksdal Palace Chapel

Ulriksdal Palace Chapel. Photo: The Royal Court/Alexis Daflos.

Ulriksdal Palace has had a chapel since 1662. At that time a chapel was built in the palace's northern wing by architect Jean de la Vallée, commissioned by Chancellor Magnus Gabriel De la Gardie.

The chapel was torn down in conjunction with Gustaf III's renovation of the palace in 1774.

The present chapel was designed by architect Fredrik Wilhelm Scholander and was built in the 1860s on a headland south of the palace. The chapel is built in Dutch new Renaissance style with certain influences from Venice.

The chapel´s interior is testimony to Karl XVs great interest in art. The ceiling is decorated with stencil paintings and several fixtures are of great interest from an art history perspective.

Today the chapel is used by the Solna Parish for mass.

The church can also be reserved by Ulriksdal Palace Administration for weddings, etc. For more information see Contact us