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Nicodemus Tessin the Elder 1615–1681

Nicodemus Tessin the Elder worked on the Swedish martial state's fortress construction in Stralsund during the 1630s. He arrived in Sweden in 1636, and began working as a fortification engineer. This involved carrying out topographical surveys in Bergslagen and mapping future towns and communities in Norrland. Eventually, he received commissions from members of the nobility.

Tessin built Borgholm Castle and Kalmar Cathedral at the request of King Karl X Gustav. After the king's death, he returned to Stockholm to begin work on the Karolinska Chapel in the Riddarholmen Church.

Tessin the Elder became the architect of Stockholm Palace in 1663, and worked on the new construction of Drottningholm Palace. Hedvig Eleonora decided that Strömsholm Palace should be demolished to make way for a new building, which was built according to his designs. Tessin the Elder retired in 1681, and his son – Nicodemus Tessin the Younger – took over his position.

Stockholm's old palace, façade facing the Great Courtyard.

Nicodemus Tessin the Elder.

Palace architect
Nicodemus Tessin the Elder

Famous works
Drottningholm Palace
Strömsholm Palace
Skokloster Castle
The Wrangel Palace