Guided tour: The Royal Stables

Take a tour through the Royal Stables, with its harness room, cars and carriage houses.

Horses and carriages are used for ceremonial and official occasions such as incoming state visits, State Opening of Parliament, formal audiences at which the King receives new ambassadors, and municipal visits.

The Royal Stables trace their roots back to the time of King Gustav Vasa, making them a significant part of our cultural heritage in terms of classic art of riding and driving.

Guided tour in English

From July –August 14, Sunday–Friday
13:00 and 15:00

Guided tour in Swedish

From July –August 14, Sunday–Friday
12:00 and 14:00

Tickets are available online and at the Royal Stables café.

The Royal Stables is open in conjunction with guided tours. The 45–60 min regular tours cover the whole Royal Stables.

Free entrance for children under 7 years of age in the company of a guardian.

Royal Stables café

The Royal Stables' summer café can be found in the peaceful inner courtyard, with both indoor and outdoor seating.
Open Sunday-Friday at 11:30-16:00.

Väpnargatan 1, Stockholm.

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Photo: Sanna Argus Tirén/

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Photo: Muzappar Dilxat/

Photo: Muzappar Dilxat/

The Royal Stables

Guided tour