Exhibition Daisy Crown Princess Margareta

The Crown Princess changed perceptions of the Royal Family – a change that is still felt to this day.

A virtual tour of the exhibition will be presented here after New year.

One hundred years have now passed since the sudden death of our current King's grandmother. Who was this woman, who was so modern for her time but is now unknown to many?

The exhibition celebrate her love for life and the many things she did for Sweden.

In the part of the Royal Palace that was once her apartment, archive material and unique objects from the Royal Collections that belonged to the Crown Princess was displayed for the first time.

"The ray of sunshine at Stockholm Palace"
Prime Minister Hjalmar Branting on
Crown Princess Margareta

Crown Princess Margareta (1882–1920), known as Daisy to her family and friends, embraced her new life in Sweden and her arrival resulted in views of royalty changing. She wanted to make a difference for the people of her new home country, and was actively involved in many of the biggest social issues of her time.

From her upbringing as a grandchild of the United Kingdom's Queen Victoria, she was keenly interested in art, sport and gardening – interests which shaped her identity as Sweden's much-loved Crown Princess.

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crown princess Margareta, 1882–1920