The exhibition in 360°

The successful exhibition 'Look at the rugs – find me' featuring textile artist Märta Måås-Fjetterström's work has been documented, and is now available for digital 360° tours.

Click on any of the images to start your virtual tour!

In its review, the newspaper Svenska Dagbladet described the exhibition as

"perhaps this season's most attractive, best composed design exhibition".

The exhibition includes around sixty pieces by Sweden's leading textile artist of all time.

The virtual tour allows you to "wander" around the exhibition, zoom in on the pieces and signs, and click on selected works to find out more. You can also see the magnificent Hall of State in 360°!

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Märta Måås-Fjetterström utställning Se på mattorna Kungliga slottet

Wander around the Hall of State and the exhibition by clicking the symbols on the floor. The exhibition has been filmed in 360° to show every angle of the hall. Keep to the left when starting the tour, and you can follow her career in chronological order.

Märta Måås-Fjetterström utställning Se på mattorna Kungliga slottet

Selected works have information to read. There are also symbols in three locations that you can click to hear the audio material included in the exhibition.

The image hunt turns a visit into a voyage of discovery among Märta Måås-Fjetterström's characteristic, detailed rugs. Click on the image to download the map, if you would like to try the task in the virtual tour.

Märta Måås-Fjetterström