Exhibition Park benches over the years

The summer of 2022 present a piece of history that has often been overlooked and taken for granted in our public parks: the park bench. The outdoor exhibition features ten different park benches that have been used on Royal Djurgården from the 19th century through to the present day. Welcome, and take a seat!

The exhibition 'Park benches over the years – practical and ornamental' can be seen at Skansen's Hazelius Gate (Hazeliusporten) between 17 May and 6 October 2022

the outdoor exhibition is on display 17 may to 6 October 2022

The Lessebo park bench is one of the oldest and most common in Sweden. This model has been used at various locations on Southern Djurgården. It was first made in the 1840s at Lessebo Mill in Småland. Photos: Henrik Nyström and Stadsmuseet.