Born 1986

"I draw once my daughters have fallen asleep and the laundry and washing-up are done, at night or during the day when I can’t get my thoughts in order. Large and small, but ideally no larger than A3-A4, because then it becomes immediately too serious. I draw with my daughters and with my wife when the broadband is slow, at the kitchen table where we can see the fields that meet our patch of land, and the cows stand and stare back at us with their big, kind eyes. I usually use cheap pencils, the children’s crayons, ink or pastels – in other words, whatever comes to hand. I don’t have any pretensions; life is just too austere as it is anyway. I’m often surprised when I get a good line. This could be a stubborn jawline, or some horizon that chafes. I never take the subject matter for granted, but over the years I’ve become a bit better at making use of my mistakes."

Bachelor’s degree 2015, Gerrit Rietveld Academie

Kayo Mpoyi Den Tänkande Handen teckning utställning


August Nilsson participates in the scholarship competition and exhibition with seven drawings created 2021–2022.

Pastel on paper.

1. Resting farmer
2. Dannebrogen (Flag of Denmark)
3. Untitled (view from living room)
4. Feathers do fade
5. Stray bullet
6. Sweet dreams Skåneland
7. Spring Break

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August Nilsson’s drawings – in a glorious riot of crayons, pens and pencils; in fact, using anything the children have left lying around on the kitchen table – touch the beholder with their immediacy. A frantic spontaneity and the artist’s unaffected joy at having created a good line go straight to the viewer. The formats are modest, but they feature complexity, narrative and, of course, a rapid burst of colour. These drawings represent the here and now; a kind of primitive state of drawing.

Resting farmer
Pastel on paper, 2022. Original size 29,7 x 42 cm.
Dannebrogen (Flag of Denmark)
Pastel on paper, 2022. Original size 29,7 x 42 cm.
Untitleld (view from living room)
Pastel on paper, 2022. Original size 29,7 x 42 cm.
Feathers do fade
Pastel on paper, 2022. Original size 29,7 x 42 cm.
Stray bullet
Pastel on paper, 2022. Original size 29,7 x 42 cm.
Sweet dreams Skåneland
Pastel on paper, 2021. Original size 22 x 14,8 cm.
Spring Break
Pastel on paper, 2021-2022.