Born 1990

"Drawing has a power. I transfer power to the materials, an intention, a feeling and a presence that is captured on the paper. A presence that conveys and creates images, a meeting with a material – the charcoal – creates an intense process: the charcoal against the paper is controlled by the eyes, by the thoughts; by memories that drive the movements of the hand. A tender moment, a mediation when the body and the hand are used as a medium for summoning up images which slumber within me, but which also bear witness to how the surroundings speak through me.

I have seen and experienced how, over the years, the practice of drawing has created automatic movements and reflexive patterns in a form of flexibility, as shapes and lines are built up to convey and organise information that is inside and outside me.

In this series, I have reshaped biographical material and seen how the power of drawing not only sorts, changes and heals inner wounds, but at the same time also creates worlds, beings that work within the confines of their own world."

Master’s degree in fine arts 2018, Royal University College of Fine Arts

Photo: Simon Blanck

Erik Gustafsson Den Tänkande Handen teckning utställning


Ida Idaida participates in the scholarship competition and exhibition with seven drawings created 2022.

Charcoal on paper.

1. Hand, Head, Gaze
2. Hearts
3. Ribbon, Summer dress
4. Floral duvet, Hole
5. Lace edge, Sack
6. Ball of string, Scissors, Rosette
7. Fill hole

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Ida Idaida uses drawing as her net and bait. The displaced wound must be captured in order to heal. Either from one’s own inner signals or from external ones. It all comes down to artistic presence. These are just streaks of charcoal on paper, but are so powerful and precise that they are almost unendurable to behold. Girls who, with a trance-like gaze, assassinate and mutilate as if it were their everyday business. Or perhaps disarm. The same thought/drawing, over and over again. It is only through repetition that healing can happen. From the hideous, the beautiful is born.

Hand, Head, Gaze
Charcoal on paper, 2022. Original size 29 x 21 cm.
Charcoal on paper, 2022. Original size 29 x 21 cm.
Ribbon, Summer dress
Charcoal on paper, 2022. Original size 59 x 42 cm.
Floral duvet, Hole
Charcoal on paper, 2022. Original size 29 x 42 cm.
Lace edge, Sack
Charcoal on paper, 2022. Original size 29 x 42 cm.
Ball of string, Sscissors, Rosette
Charcoal on paper, 2022. Original size 29 x 42 cm.
Fill hole
Charcoal on paper, 2022. Original size 42 x 59 cm.