Born 1994

"I have a hard time with drawings. Compared to my paintings, my drawings feel wimpish and apologetic. Using oil paint allows you to paint over all the mistakes and hide the traces of the process with layers of thick paint. By contrast, drawing is fragile and revealing, exposing blurred tentative lines and clumsy fingerprints. You therefore want to hide them away in a desk drawer or paint over them with paint. But that’s the beauty of drawing.

For me, drawing is about finding an initial way into the image. The initial way in has to be soft and forgiving, because nothing is harder than making a start. Drawing charcoal is a sympathetic tool. The word ‘sketch’ relaxes me. Drawing is a tool just for me, whether it then becomes a sketch for the desk drawer, or the basis for a painting, or an absolutely fantastic drawing in itself."

Dômen Art School (painting), 2013–2015 and Prague Film School 2017–2018

Hilda Hildoria Larsson Den Tänkande Handen teckning utställning


Malin Lindeberg participates in the scholarship competition and exhibition with seven drawings created 2022–2023.

Oil paint on paper. Charcoal pencil on paper.

1. Look at me
2. Selected
3. Hide
4. Four cats dance on a dish
5. Let me out
6. Birthday party
7. Lil guy

Click on the artworks in the slideshow to see full images, or scroll down. It can take a little while for the images to upload. Enlarge the drawings by choosing zoom or full page via the tool box by each image.

Like the 1930s cartoon character Betty Boop, who started out as a poodle, Malin Lindeberg draws a curious world in which animals seem to shift shape mysteriously. The Chosen One, man, is crowned by tiny cherubs like Cinderella. Is the cat in front of the cake the same one who recently brushed up fawningly against boots with proud horns? The sobbing pig at the gate wants to get out! But for what? We can only imagine the film… A game of hide and seek that begins in sooty charcoal, where pleated restaurant fabrics appear to hide something more than just the four-legged creature beneath the table. Pah!

Look at me
Charcoal pencil on paper, 2022. Original size 42 x 29 cm.
Charcoal pencil on paper, 2022. Original size 29 x 42 cm.
Oil paint on paper, 2022. Original size 21 x 29 cm.
Four cats dance on a dish
Oil paint on paper, 2023. Original size 48 x 35 cm.
Let me out
Charcoal pencil on paper, 2023. Original size 29 x 42 cm.
Birthday party
Four cats dance on a dish, 2023. Original size 29 x 42 cm.
Lil guy
Charcoal pencil on paper, 2022. Original size 29 x 20 cm.