Born 1997

"My drawings are determined chronologically based on what has been drawn before, and they revolve around place associated with memory and time. From an autobiographical perspective, my drawings replace writing in a kind of documentation of where I’ve been, and where I want to be. There, time stands still and the place is immortalised. People are either absent, on temporary visits elsewhere, or hidden underground. Moments in empty landscapes or populated details are used as a kind of processing in the search for origin and belonging. I often turn to charcoal, which is good at conveying the dreamy, playful feeling I strive for.

I choose places or subjects based on how they interact with the material, and reality and fantasy/dreams are combined via the flow of images. I’m interested in taking real images as my starting point and unfolding new landscapes where, for example, a tree can become a cloud and a cloud can become foam on a freshly mopped floor."

Nyckelvik School 2020–2021, Pernby School of Painting 2021–present

Måns Palmberg Den Tänkande Handen teckning utställning


Marie-Ann Berglund participates in the scholarship competition and exhibition with seven drawings created 2022–2023.

Charcoal. Oil crayon and dry pastel. Charcoal and pencil.

1. Säby burial ground 1
2. Säby burial ground 2
3. Flow
4. Self-portrait
5. Immersed
6. Sleep shadow
7. The material of memory

Click on the artworks in the slideshow to see full images, or scroll down. It can take a little while for the images to upload. Enlarge the drawings by choosing zoom or full page via the tool box by each image.

Marie-Ann Berglund’s condensed charcoal drawings bring to mind the theatre and plays. Or set design. As three-dimensional scenes with set pieces, backgrounds and horizons, a suggestion grows that grabs the viewer’s imagination. A collage in colour becomes a curtain. A portrait becomes an actor in the play. Or maybe a spectator in the auditorium.

Säby burial ground 1
Charcoal on paper, 2022. Original size 49 x 67 cm.
Säby burial ground 2
Charcoal on paper, 2022. Original size 49 x 67 cm.
Oil crayon and dry pastel on parchment paper, 2022. Original size 45 x 56,5 cm.
Charcoal on paper, 2023. Original size 67 x 49 cm.
Charcoal on MDF, 2022. Original size 25 x 20 cm.
Sleep shadow
Charcoal on paper, 2022. Original size 42 x 30 cm.
The material of memory
Collage with charcoal and pencil on paper, 2023. Original size 165 x 245 cm.