Kristina of Holstein-Gottorp, Queen of Sweden

Queen Kristina (Holstein-Gottorp)

Kristina was the daughter of Duke Adolf of Holstein-Gottorp and Kristina of Hesse. She married Duke Karl (IX) in 1592. Their marriage produced four children, the most famous of whom was their son Gustav II Adolf.

Karl's death allowed more scope for her strong personality. She pursue strong personal politics, sometimes in conflict with the country's leadership.

Together with Duke Johan, the son of Johan III and Gunilla Bielke, she led the regency government from October until December, when her son Gustav (II) Adolf became king.

She spent her final years living at Nyköping Castle.

Queen Kristina. Unknown artist. The painting hangs at Gripsholm Castle, and is part of the Swedish State Portrait Collection. Photo: Nationalmuseum

Kristina of Holstein-Gottorp

Born 12 April 1573, died 8 December 1625
Queen 1604–1611*


1607 Uppsala Cathedral


1627 Strängnäs Cathedral


Anna of Austria


Maria Eleonora


Karl IX


Kristina (1593–1594)
Gustav II Adolf (1594–1632) King of Sweden 1611–1632
Maria Elisabet (1596–1618)
Karl Filip (1601–1622)

*Years refer to time as queen, not as dowager queen.

Kristina of Holstein-Gottorp