Travel companies and authorised guides

The following information is aimed at travel companies and authorised guides who wish to visit Gripsholm Castle with groups. Below, you can read about independent visits, logistics, practical information, payment and tours with a castle guide.

Price list for travel companies

For the current price list, please fill in the form below or contact us by calling +46 (0)159 101 94 on weekdays between 09:00 and 16:00.

Independent visits

We welcome external groups to Gripsholm Castle all year round. Please pre-register independent visits, even if the visit will take place during ordinary opening hours. You can pre-register by filling in the form below or by calling +46 (0)159 101 94 on weekdays between 09:00 and 16:00.

We do not have any minimum or maximum limits for external groups, but we recommend a maximum of 35 people to ensure the best possible experience. Large groups may be directed past certain rooms due to space constraints. Please follow the instructions of staff.

For visits outside opening hours, please see the booking form further down on this page.


During the summer season, we recommend that large groups meet at the stairs in the Inner Courtyard and are registered by the travel guide/tour guide at the entrance.

The entrance to the castle is in the Inner Courtyard.

There is an entrance to the Royal Gift Shop at the Outer Gate, as well as an accessible entrance for wheelchair users around the corner to the left of the Outer Gate.

Practical information

Overview map

Please note that there are no toilets inside the castle.
Toilets are available in the Outer Courtyard. These are open during opening hours and in connection with pre-booked tours.
The toilets at the car park are open from May to September.
Accessibility, storage lockers and parking
Please see our practical information for visitors.


Photography and filming for private use are permitted at the Royal Palaces. However, flashes/lamps, tripods, selfie sticks and other fixed equipment must not be used, and you must not disturb other visitors, tours or any other activities. For full terms and conditions, please see Terms of photographing and filmingopens in new window.

Would you like images for your tour?

Please visit our image gallery for high-resolution downloadable images.


Please visit the Royal Gift Shop at the Outer Gate. Here, you will find a wide range of products with a connection to objects from the Royal Collections.


Payments can be made by card or cash on site. The full amount is paid by the group leader. We accept the following currencies: SEK, EUR and USD. Only EUR and USD notes are accepted, and change is always given in SEK.

Payment by voucher is accepted. Please present your voucher at the front desk on arrival. NB: E-mail vouchers cannot be accepted. Your invoice will be sent after the visit. Payment terms are 30 days net. The following information must be provided on the voucher:

  • Number of visitors, broken down into:
    adults, students (valid student ID required), children aged 7-17, children aged 0-6 and number of travel guides/coach drivers (free admission for a maximum of two)
  • Specify what you will be paying for (e.g. admission, guided tours, etc.)
  • Signature and printed name of the group leader
  • Pre-payment is not possible.

Tours with a castle guide and visits outside opening hours

Would you like a tour with a castle guide? Would you like to visit us outside opening hours? Please contact us using the form below or by calling +46 (0)159 101 94 on weekdays between 09:00 and 16:00.

Useful information: If the group has an external authorised guide, he or she is also welcome to give tours outside opening hours. Pre-booking is required, and charges apply.

Charges for pre-booked tours with a guide

SEK 1,000 during ordinary opening hours. SEK 1,500-3,000 at other times, depending on the day and the time. In addition, admission charges apply per person. Please contact us for full price details.

The price relates to a 45 minute guided tour in groups of up to 35.

Choose one of the following alternatives * (mandatory)
Choose one of the following alternatives

Site / Requested date / Requested time / Number of people

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Customer service

Opening hours: Closed


  • Is it possible to take wedding photos in the palace parks?

    It is permitted to take wedding photos for private use in our palace parks. Please respect the following: it is not permitted to set up bulky photography equipment and/or props, to cordon off or drive vehicles onto our park areas or in any other way disturb other park visitors.
    Please note the special stipulations for photography in our Image and Media Gallery.

  • Can I pre-book a ticket for the general palace tours?

    Tickets can be purchased on the same day at any of our ticket offices; no advance purchase available.

  • Are there any storage lockers at the royal palaces?

    The Royal Palace of Stockholm: There are a few storage lockers available at Tickets & Information and in the Tre Kronor Museum. However, we would recommend not bringing any large bags with you. The other royal palaces and visitor attractions: No storage lockers available.

  • Can I take my bag into the royal palaces?

    Small bags are permitted at our visitor attractions. Rucksacks should be carried in your hand or on your front. Do not leave any bags unattended. Bags and cases with wheels are not permitted.

  • Can I take a pushchair into the royal palaces?

    Pushchairs are not permitted indoors.

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