The King visits Karlstad University and Ingesund College of Music

On Friday 27 October, The King visited Karlstad University and attended a celebratory concert at Ingesund College of Music.

The visit to Karlstad University began at the Centre for Climate and Safety. The King was given a tour of the RiskLab's Riskköping exhibition and research project, which involves building a safe, sustainable city. The Floodville flooding model was also demonstrated. This addresses complex issues such as climate change, flooding risks and how society deals with these.

The day concluded in Arvika at Ingesund College of Music. There, a celebratory concert was performed – Karlstad University's gift to The King to mark his 70th birthday last year.

The King expressed his thanks for the concert, saying:

"It is easy to understand how this school has produced so many prominent musicians and artists – including a number of court singers.

"Ingesund is a strong brand, not only here in Värmland and in Sweden, but also internationally. One contributing factor is, of course, the Polar Prize. After all, it was here at Ingesund that one of your former students, Stig Andersson, laid the foundations for what is sometimes called the Nobel Prize in Music."

Ingesund College of Musicexternal link, opens in new window was founded by Valdemar Dahlgren in 1923. Today, the college trains music teachers and professional musicians. There are also courses for sound engineering and music and audio production, as well as stand-alone courses in music.

Karlstad University

The university is located in the Kronoparken district, just over five kilometres northeast of the centre of Karlstad. Karlstad Universityexternal link, opens in new window offers around 70 programmes and 900 courses within the humanities, social sciences, natural sciences, technology, teaching, care and music.

Ingesund College of Music in Arvika has been part of Karlstad University since 2002.