Statues, The Royal Djurgården

Rosendal Palace at Royal Djurgården. Photo: The Royal Court/Alexis Daflos.
Make the time to take a different kind of walk at the Royal Djurgården some day and take a look at all the fantastic statures that are placed here and there. Following is a compilation of the statues.

At Kaptensudden you will find a statue of Gunnar Wennerberg created by Carl Eldh  and at Framnäs there is a statue of Jenny Lind created by Eric Rafael-Rådberg.

By the Nordic Museum you will find a statue sculpted by Theodor Lundberg portraying Orfeus and at Bellmansro you will naturally find Carl Michael Bellman sculpted by Jonas Niclas Byström.

It is only natural that you will find statues of kings at Djurgården. At Lejonslätten you will find Karl XV on horseback sculpted by Charles Friberg and in front of the Nordic Museum you will find Karl X Gustav on his steed by Gustaf Malmqvist.

Outside the  Liljevalchs Gallery you will find the statue of a Bowman by Carl Milles and at Rosendals Palace you will find a statue by Erik Gustaf Göthe called Sitting Bacchus.

The prphyry vase by F. Westin at Rosendal Palace. Photo: The Royal Court.

The prphyry vase by F. Westin at Rosendal Palace. Photo: The Royal Court.

Behind Rosendal Palace also stands the large porphyry vase by F. Westin.

At Kärleksudden (Love Point) you will fittingly enough find the statue Idyll by Christian Eriksson.

In addition to this statue you will also find:
Gustaf Fröding by Eric Rafael-Rådberg at Djurgård's Bridge
Boy with fish by Theodor Lundberg at Ståthållarängen
Captured Viking by Johan Börjesson opposite Liljevalchs Gallery
Arthur Hazelius by Johan Axel Wetterlund at Skansen's Mountain Railway entrance
Man with ax by Eric Gate at Blockhusudden