Drottningholm Palace

The Royal Chapel at Drottningholm

Drottningholm Palace Chapel was opened in 1730, and has been in continuous use ever since. The architect was Tessin, and the interior was designed by Carl Hårleman.

Drottningholm Palace Chapel is located in the palace's north round building. Tessin the Younger completed its construction at the beginning of the 18th century, to plans produced by his father (Tessin the Elder). The interior was designed under the direction of Carl Hårleman, and the chapel was ready for use in 1730.

The chapel belongs to the Treasurer of the Court and is part of the Royal Court Parish, but Lovö Parish conducts services in the chapel on the last weekend of each month, and all are welcome to attend. Concerts are also held here during the summer and at Christmas. The traditional Christmas mass is held on the second Sunday in advent.

In recent years, Princess Leonore, Prince Nicolas, Prince Alexander and Prince Gabriel have all been christened at Drottningholm Palace Chapel.

Weddings and christenings

With its beautiful dome, its harmonic proportions and its intimate yet magnificent character, the chapel is a wonderful venue for a wedding. The chance to borrow a silver and rock crystal bridal crown and have the wedding music played on an 18th century organ built by Johan Niclas Cahman only add to the experience!

The altarpiece with the Holy Communion motif was painted by Georg Engelhardt Schröder (1684-1750), and the carved frame was probably produced to a design by Carl Hårleman. Photo: Lisa Raihle Rehbäck//Royalpalaces.se

The round chapel has a copper-clad cupola. A door on the south side of the chapel leads directly into the palace. Photo: Anders Wiklund/TT

During Prince Alexander's christening in Drottningholm Palace Chapel. Photo: Photo: Henrik Montgomery/TT

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Drottningholm Palace Chapel was opened in 1730, and has been in continuous use ever since. The architect was Tessin, and the interior was...

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